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Busty Perils

"Hi there… Do you want a peek at this site? I suppose I can look in between my fingers… blushes This surreal site brings you hand drawn erotic art, comics and stories all done in a masterful touch of demented delight. The erotic comics are filled with young women getting themselves into peril ripe with sexual abuse. These hot babes are taken in heated pleasures. The xxx comics take you on an erotic journey like nothing you've seen before. Galleries of erotic art are touched with twisted pictures of women you've never imaged but are sure to like.

Along with a site filled with hot comics, this artist is an excellent writer of erotic stories. You want me to tell you about the stories… OK… Sure I'll sit in your lap… In Animal Instincts, Laurie is walking down a beach in a tight bikini with a white T. The men are staring as the sexy babe strolls by and she takes delight in knowing they're staring at her. She comes to this path that leads away from the beach and decides to follow it for a while. The sounds of horses draw her to a fenced paddock with a mare and a stallion mating. The sight of the animals having sex makes her horny as she watches the powerful stallion taking the mare. As Laurie is touching herself, she doesn't realize she is in peril. Three teen boys are watching the sexy woman as she strokes her sex. The teens take advantage of the girl in a way that she comes to enjoy. Mmmmmmmmmmmm… That does sound interesting… This is one erotic story waiting in this large site. The xxx comics and stories make this a hot site to enjoy. Oh… I think I'm getting a little wet… I'd better go… I'll see you again I'm sure… Thanks for peeking in here with me… Bye Bye…"


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